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About ReacTV®

ReacTV is the first-ever TV program powered by RXPs. RXP™ is our proprietary trademarked “Reactive Experience” platform that rewards YOU when you pay close attention, react, and compete in real-time using your mobile device.

ReacTV, and its “follow-on” program Instant Millionaire, will be brought to you by RXP Global, LLC, a partnership between Tampa Bay-based React LLC, Media IP Holdings LLC, Minneapolis-based W2 Films, and investors.


  1. ReacTV is a live TV game show about breakthrough brands and commercials, that will award at least $2.5 million in cash and prizes every episode.
  2. This represents the largest guaranteed weekly game show prize pool in the history of TV.
  3. ReacTV travels to a new random city every week, taking over and converting one of our national sponsors’ stores, dealerships, or restaurants into a live game show studio.
  4. We then surprise 3 high-scoring players from LAST WEEK’S audience who live nearby and put them on national TV to compete to become the next INSTANT MILLIONAIRE. Two more players may be selected from the audience in live attendence.
  5. While 1 of the 5 on-screen contestants will win over $1 million every week, live in front of a local crowd and national TV audience, everybody watching will compete for another $1 million in INSTANT PRIZES.
  6. ReacTV will be viral – we invite you to register for ReacTV and then become a “Buddy” by referring your “Friends” to register and play. Why? Because if a Friend you refer wins, you as their referring Buddy will win, too!
  7. Everybody – including the weekly Instant Millionaire – is selected from the live TV audience.

Will YOU be the next Instant Millionaire™?

Each week’s ReacTV winner will become America’s newest millionaire.

But instead of driving off in the sunset, they’ll become the subject and star of an amazing docu-follow reality TV show called – you guessed it – Instant Millionaire™.

The program will answer the age-old question – “Whatever happened to that person who won $1 million on TV?”

Each week’s winner (and their family) will join the ReacTV Roadcrew, as we travel cross country to the next RANDOM city to host ReacTV.

During that one-week journey, the Instant Millionaire will need to spend every dime, in front of our fans and cameras. (And YES, they’ll need to pay their taxes, but we’ll contribute $250,000 to numb the pain!)

There is one other catch…

The Instant Millionaire will need to give away at LEAST $100,000 in random acts of kindness, to complete strangers that they’ll meet during this fantastic week. Thanks to the support of our brand partners, spontaneous Goodness Happens Here® promotions are hosted at our sponsors’ retail locations across the country.  You’ll have a front row seat as our cameras and crew capture uplifting moments of caring and compassion, as brands and fans join forces to change lives for the better.


The audience for Instant Millionaire will stay connected to the journey via the React app (currently under development). You’ll be able to help select (and even support) recipients of these acts of generosity throughout the week, send words of encouragement, and more.

But the best part happens when Instant Millionaire hits the TV screen one week later – and you’ll want to watch it LIVE.

Why? Because during the commercial breaks, you’ll be able to compete and win another $1 million in instant prizes via the React app.


We’re planning on showcasing a sneak peek sometime after August 1, 2023. Once we have secured distribution, ideally in 2024, we will roll out an initial 4 to 16-week Pilot.

Between ReacTV and Instant Millionaire, we project over $50 million will be awarded to an estimated 200,000+ Reacters who “tune in” and react over the first full season.


There will be lots of other details to follow – how to qualify, how to play, how to win, where to watch, etc.

We’ll share them over the next few months.

For now, why not REGISTER and join the ReacTV Revolution!?

In addition to having your voice heard from the inception of our programs, by voting for your favorite streaming and broadcast platforms, early members will be part of our world premiere episode.  The first of three ReacTV live on-screen contestants (one of whom will be the first Instant Millionaire) will be selected from the first 100,000 registered Reacters. The second contestant will be chosen from the first 500,000 to register, and the final contestant will be selected from all who register before Episode 1.

What are you waiting for?