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This changes TV. Forever.|The Audience IS the TV show…!|$50 million? You’ve got my attention!|TV and Social Media just had a baby...and named it ReacTV!|Audiences will love ReacTV…because ReacTV loves its audience.|This isn't a game show. It's LIFE.|Tuesday and Wednesday will never be the same.|A TV empire emerges - and the audience is in charge.|Put down the remote. Pick up your phone. And win??!|35 years in the making... and an overnight success.

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You’ve got limited time – but unlimited choices. Your eyes and attention are what everybody wants.

We get it. That’s why ReacTV offers $50 million reasons to watch.
And we think you will.

Because YOU are the star – and attention is all you pay to join the ReacTV Revolution.



It’s 2023. Watching other people play and win is so… yesterday.

It’s not enough just to watch. You flex your power by REACTING.

ReacTV empowers YOU through your reactions.
They drive everything we do.

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ReacTV was invented by an ordinary guy who won big at an early age.

His vision – to give millions the thrill of winning billions.
And do it in a way that everybody wins, and nobody loses.

Our Season 1 prize pool is $50 million. It’s all for YOU… AND your friends!


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