Our Prizes


The two most frequently asked questions our creator and producers get are:

  1. How much can you win?
  2. Who PAYS for all these prizes?

We’re glad they asked.


We plan to offer three types of prizes between ReacTV® and Instant Millionaire™:

REACTV GAME SHOW PRIZES – The 3 live on-screen Finalists on ReacTV will compete for the Grand Prize ($1 million cash PLUS $250,000 towards tax payments). The first runner-up will live “Home Free for 2 Years” – ReacTV will pay their rent or mortgage for two years. And the second runner-up will live “Home Free for a Year.”

COMBINED VALUE: UP TO $1.4 million – 3 Winners

RXP PRIZES – Within the ReacTV game show, and during the commercial breaks of Instant Millionaire, live viewers will engage with the brands that sponsor our shows using the React app. Quizzes and trivia about Sponsor commercials, products, and the show itself will unlock instant prizes for the live-at-home audience. These prizes will range in value from $25 gift cards to cash, new cars, and merchandise valued at as much as $50,000.00.

OVER $1 million per hour, ReacTV – Est. 7,500 Winners
OVER $1 million per hour, Instant Millionaire – Est. 7,500 Winners

BUDDY “THANK YOU” PRIZES – By studying TV and mobile game shows over the last twenty years, we’ve learned that many players keep these game shows a secret, instead of sharing them with their friends. We think it’s because they don’t want to increase the number of players to compete against!

We’ve fixed that by creating the “Buddy” system. It’s really simple – AFTER YOU’VE REGISTERED to be a Reacter, INVITE AS MANY FRIENDS AS POSSIBLE. Because with ReacTV, your “Friends” aren’t your competitors, they’re on your team!

By being their “Buddy,” and sharing the good news about ReacTV, your invited Friends will then register and be able to give you, their “Buddy,” credit for introducing them.

Here’s the magic – when one of your referred “Friends” wins a GAME SHOW or RXP PRIZE (above), you, as their Buddy, will win a prize too, courtesy of ReacTV. Just make sure you’re playing along live, too.

It’s our way (and your friends’ way) of saying “thank you” for inviting your Friends to the Reactive world we’ve created. The more Friends you invite, the more Buddy Prizes you can win.

These Buddy Prizes are significant:

  • If your Friends win one of the top 3 REACTV GAME SHOW PRIZES, you’ll receive 10% of the prize value, up to $100,000.
  • And if your Friends win RXP PRIZES on either ReacTV or Instant Millionaire, YOU’LL WIN THE SAME EXACT PRIZE.

UP TO $115,000 per ReacTV Game Show – UP TO 3 Buddies

UP TO $1 million per hour, ReacTV – UP TO 7,500 Est. Buddies
UP TO $1 million per hour, Instant Millionaire – UP TO 7,500 Est. Buddies

Note: Many new Reacters will find out about our shows and register on their own, so they will not have a Buddy (though they will refer Friends and be their Buddy). Therefore, it’s impossible to predict how many Buddy prizes will actually be awarded.


Most of the prizes will be provided by our Sponsors, and may even be “fulfilled” directly to you, usually within 8 weeks of winning.

Sponsors will gladly provide prizes, thanks in part to the heightened attention YOU pay, and the feedback and time YOU invest in their commercials, products, and companies.

This is the beauty of the RXP platform. Mutual respect and appreciation between consumers and brands enrich everyone’s lives.

DISCLAIMER – All prize details, rules, and prize amounts are subject to the Official Rules, which will be published prior to the release of ReacTV and Instant Millionaire. No prizes will be awarded until the release of the programs, and are subject to change without notice.