Great Ads & Brands ARE the “Big Game”

Each year, a “big game” reportedly airs around 11 minutes of actual football, interrupted by over 100 commercials.  Your prize for watching?  A few chuckles… maybe.  At ReacTV, we’re changing the way people think about ads, and the way ads and brands think about people.  If you’re asked to “spend” or “invest” time “paying” attention, let us help you “monetize your eyes.”  Be rewarded for your time, attention, and feedback – and get a piece of the action for being part of the really big game – the ad game.

You Want to be a Millionaire – We Get it.

Over 15 years ago, TV shows started waving million dollar prizes, but few people succeeded – and nobody won playing from home.  ReacTV will shatter that mold, thanks to the sponsors and groundbreaking 4K ads that become the centerpiece of each game.  ReacTV® plans to give away $25,000+ in prizes for every ad we present – to people reacting LIVE, from home.  And, EVERY WEEK, 1 of 3 on-air contestants (screened from last week’s at-home viewers) will become America’s next Instant Millionaire.  With only one week to spend it, our Instant Millionaire then travels cross country, to our next live episode, giving away over $100,000 of their winnings in random acts of kindness.  Do you want your ReacTV?  Register NOW, and join the brands and people who are rethinking great ads.

We Agree – 2 Screens are Better Than 1

You love your smart devices, game consoles, and PC’s – and now, you’ll love them even more.  Registered Reactors™ can use their phones or tablets to react to ads on TV, onscreen, online, in print or even on product packages.  The free “React™” app (coming soon) will make reacting as easy as pointing your device at a reactive ad – or typing a special code to launch the game.  Register to join the Reactors™ and brands leading the charge to create a rewarding, reactive world.

Why us? Why You? Why Now?

25 years ago, our founder made history by cracking open the biggest promotional game in history.  Since then, we’ve invested nearly $20 million to patent, test, and deliver a technology platform that connects brands that value people, with people (like YOU) who value brands – and their ads.  When people and brands respect and reward each other, everybody wins.  And with smart devices in everybody’s hands, we’re here to (finally) kickstart the reactive party!

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Ready to Register & React?

We’ve got a series of major announcements coming, including the identity of a leading LA-based production company to produce our first two programs under development*, ReacTV and Instant Millionaire.  The best way to learn more, audition, and to pre-qualify to star on our shows, is to Register & React through an Official ReacTV qualifying game.  

Click HERE to see if there’s a live game in progress.